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Bole Tena Bor Vechay

Bole Tena Bor Vechay
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Book Content:_x000D_ _x000D_ India's First Public Speaking Book with Video CD_x000D_ Stage Manners_x000D_ How to Present A Speech_x000D_ Body Language_x000D_ Description:_x000D_ _x000D_ The name of the book it self suggests that one must learn Public Speaking Skills for Achieving Success,_x000D_ Dale Carnegi - The Author of the Best Seller Book 'HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUANCE PEOPLE' use to ask few questions during his Traing Pregram and the participants have to choose only one by tick mark on it._x000D_ The Questions were:_x000D_ Do you want a Big House for your family?_x000D_ Do you want a Lexurius Car?_x000D_ Do you want Social Status?_x000D_ Do you want Financial Freedom?_x000D_ Do you want to Learn Public Speaking? Etc..._x000D_ And among all these questions 98% of the Americans choose the Question 5 and Ticked that Yes we want to learn Public Speaking and want to remove Stage Fear. Because they were very sure that if they learn the skill to talk to the People the all other things are easy to get. House, Health and Wealth._x000D_ The Book Bole Tena Bor Vechay is INDIA's First Book on Public Speaking with Video Cd._x000D_ The Book Explains about:_x000D_ Arts and Science of Public Speaking_x000D_ How to remove Stage Fear_x000D_ How to Frame a Speech?_x000D_ Techniqus For:_x000D_ Opening of the Talk_x000D_ Body of the Talk_x000D_ Closing of theTalk_x000D_ * How to Invite a Speaker / Guest on the Stage._x000D_ * Art of Giveing Extempore Speech._x000D_ * Quick Soluations of Unavoidable Problems_x000D_ and also give you Recipi to Prepare quick Speech.
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