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Healing Music (Gujarati-Audio CD)

Healing Music (Gujarati-Audio CD)
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CD Content:_x000D_ _x000D_ Special Music For Healing the Body_x000D_ It Heals Thoughts As Well As Body_x000D_ Gives Positive Energy and Freshness_x000D_ Recommended For Daily Use_x000D_ Description:_x000D_ _x000D_ Science has proved that if we put special music in the Farm than trees grow more faster and also gives rich fruits. Same is proved with the animals too. with the special scintific music animals give more milk. Healing Music Audio cd is Specially made to Heal Human body faster.This Audio cd also provides positive energy and generates healing power in body. It also decrese negative energy from the body. so listening to this auduo cd daily will generate an unique positive energy in you. This music also heals your body and mind
Search AuthorsDr. Surani
PublicationRudra Publication (Clickabooks)
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