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Dhyan (Gujarati-Audio CD)

Dhyan (Gujarati-Audio CD)
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CD Content:_x000D_ _x000D_ Easiest Way of Meditation_x000D_ Experience Deep Meditation_x000D_ Unique Music for Sustaining in Meditation_x000D_ Anywhere, Anytime Meditation_x000D_ Description:_x000D_ _x000D_ This is really an unique audio cd for meditation lovers. In early ages Indian Religious Teachers use to teach YOGA and PRANAYAM for Meditation.From the very ancient times Meditation is the best way to Improve Concentration power, Confidance, Mental Stability, Calmness and Healthy Body. In Past people use to go to the nature for Medation. Those days they use to go to mountain or at a river bank for peacefull place to meditate themselves. But now a days life is too hard and we can not find ideal place for meditation. Dr Surani - Motivation Guru has created an easiest way of Meditation. This Audio cd contains simple way of Medation Exercises with highly Powerfull Meditation Music._x000D_ So this audio cd provides you few simple steps for Meditaion and than after to sustain in that situation for long time it contains special meditation music. so that you can do it easily.
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PublicationRudra Publication (Clickabooks)
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